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... jazz med feel, tradition og god stemning !!

Morten Ramsbøl

Danish acoustic / electric bassist, bandleader and composer, Morten Ramsbøl (b. 1970) is considered as one of the most exciting, hardswinging and unorthodox bassists to come out of Denmark.

As a former student of Danish masterbassists Jens Jefsen, NHØP and Jesper Lundgård, his foundation is the proud Danish bass tradition.
" - I have worked a lot with my upright sound and prefer to play acoustic, whenever possible. The Scandinavian standard is very high, in terms of technical skills and harmonic outlook, and growing up with that tradition, gives you a lot of head starts musically. But i see it as my first and most important job, to lay down a rocksolid swinging foundation"

More and more attention is being drawn towards Morten these years due to his exclusive work / recordings with
Joey Baron, Jacob Karlzon, Silje Nergaard, Karen Busck, Morten Lund, Jeff Ballard, Hilmar Jensson, Hans Ulrik, the Mads Bærentzen Trio and the Søren Møller Trio.

He has played / plays as a sideman with the following : Kurt Elling, Bent Fabricius-Bjerre, Jette Torp, Kurt Ravn, Sigurd Barret, Anne Linnet, Klüvers Bigband, Jesper Thilo, Tomas Franck, Seamus Blake, Rigmor Gustafsson, Jesper Riis, Tim Ries, Scott Wendholt, Thomas Fryland, Hans Ulrik, Christian Vuust, Kresten Osgood and many, many others.

Morten has performed in Paris, New York, Sweden, Norway, Island, the Faroe Islands and in the UK.